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New blogs from around the web and articles on blog promotion.

  • Have a new blog you would like listed here?

    If your blog meets the requirements below. Email me with the subject line "NewestBlogs Submission: Name of your Blog". In the email, write a short blurb about your blog and send me a link. I will review it, and notify you of acceptance. If accepted, your blog will be included here.


    Your blog must have been created within the last 60 days.

    Your blog must not be a spam advertisement. While you can have advertisements, your blog must offer interesting content.

    I will accept blogs containing adult material, but not pornography. If your blog contains adult material. Put a note in the subject line.

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This is a blog to showcase new blogs.  It allows  newer bloggers to get the word out and promote their blog for free, while providing a resource to readers seeking new blogs to read.   New blogs often have unique content, but a low amount of readers because they are hard to find.  Subscribe to new blogs here that you find interesting, helping them get their feet off the ground, and helping you find interesting reading material.

Newer bloggers are also more likely to link back to your blog if you link to theirs, this provides a benefit to both the new and already established blogs, increasing traffic both ways.

I would appreciate a link back to this blog, to get the word out!


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